Sun Stones

Sun Stones is available now for iOS, Android devices, and the Kindle Fire!  Watch the Trailer

About Sun Stones

Sun Stones is a puzzle game of the very highest quality – it is beautiful, easy to play, simple to learn, and will challenge you in new and novel ways.  The game is aesthetically grounded in the pictographs and lore (and music!) of the Pueblo Peoples – mostly Hopi & Zuni.  The goal of each level is simple – match a collection of small stones to the colored pattern on the ground.  But the magic comes in how you approach that task – over the course of the game you will be introduced to new types of stones with new magical properties – each of which change the possible paths to victory in novel and unexpected ways.

The particle effects and HD graphics appear crisp and clean on any device.  Full-resolution iPad3 retina display supported.

The Full Game contains over 100 mind-bending puzzles to enjoy.

Unlock the magic of Sun Stones and discover a truly original gaming experience.

Visit the Sunstone Games Community Forums for discussion, puzzle hints, and update news!