Kaiju RedBubble Merchandise
Riki Quin is quite the artist on the Sunstone Games forums! He is currently now selling some of his beautiful monster art on Redbubble. If you are a fan of Colossal Kaiju Combat, don’t miss your chance at owning a piece from Riki, including art of monsters such as Shamble and Bubbles from SPN4!

New Progenitor Coming Soon

Please look out for a new progenitor, coming up in the following weeks. After that, we will be revealing a second on the fifteenth of March!

Meet your new Shoutbox Jockeys! 

The results are in, here are the new jockeys you should be afraid of while using the shoutbox from now on. Be nice to them now, okay?

  • Kerwell
  • Drake213
  • rweverett
  • GlaciusTS
  • Bambu
  • Chickenman456
  • Geno Breaker
  • Orin the Kaijuborn
  • Nightmare Alien
  • Sharktopus117