New Reveal
SPN2’s Kyotita comes back in style in the form of Kaiotaita! Read about his fantastic origins here and comment on his beauty here.

SPN6 Previews

Previews for SPN6 has started! If you would like to view our amazing new art pieces by Frankie B. Washington, click here.

Speaking of SPN6, the set is almost done printing and will be received by Sunstone shortly. Sadly, you may not get SPN6 at your doorstep by the 25th, but the wait will be well worth it. We promise!

Bubbles Comic Series

For an entire year, the forum’s very own (and hansom) Chickenman456 has been running a comic series based around Bubbles, a Colossal Kaiju Combat monster from SPN4. If you would like to give what he has a read so far, please check out this album and comment on the official thread.