SPN6 currently being printed.
Our next Colossal Kaiju Combat trading card set (Sponsorship #6) is currently being printed. SPN6 features new characters created by the community, progenitors, brand new EVO forms by Tyler Sowles, and new planning cards with art created by fans. New rules also allow the game to be much easier and faster-paced.

New Golden Tickets

Since the previously established system had been proven popular among players, we decided to expand the types of golden tickets you may receive when opening up your next pack of SPN6.

  • Golden Ticket – KAIJU LOOT : 50 Kaiju Coins, free sponsorship, or $4 store credit.
  • Golden Ticket – KAIJU MAKER : Forum Consult, B&W character sketch, or 20 minute skype chat.
  • Golden Ticket – GRAND PRIZE! : Turn this in to be added to our queue of progenitors.

Brink of Armageddon: Age of the Kaiju

A very neat effect of Colossal Kaiju Combat was fan’s inspiration to begin and learn game development themselves. One notable game to come from CKC is Brink of Armageddon: Age of the Kaiju by the forum’s very own G&GFan, Cosbydaf, and multiple kaiju creators. Make sure to check out their first video of the game in action.